Heroes of the Feywild

A new day and a new task!

The Olly Logs, Part 1

Coming from a life of poverty, I’ve learnt to take pleasure where I can get it. And ooooh boy did I get it way more than I asked for.

It was a warm night, the stars were out and, well.. I don’t even remember what town I was in; I’m surprised I remembered much of anything at all truth be told… I just remember that there was an inn on the dock, it was rather quite nice. The inn stretched out over most of the water, the music was loud and the beauties were everywhere.

Some times I ask my self if it was worth it, then I remember one word and the thought vanishes from my mind; that word of course being “twins”. Oh boy was the night great, enough drink to fill the Sea of Swords in its entirety, a beautiful elf maiden on one arm and her handsome twin brother on the other, but that was just the start of the evening.

It seems that some lady I had in my company a few weeks earlier, just “happened” to be the wife of the captain of some city guard somewhere. Well my night went on with drinking, laughter and music; the night went along nicely. We retired to my room and well things in my mind “faded to black’ the excitement, the breathing and sweat made everything all worth while. You see, it wasn’t the night the caused any problems for me, it was the morning… that is where everything seemed to take a turn for the worst.

I woke up, moving my arms, I remember my head pounding, it as if a Mindflayer pounding draining my head with an odd rhythm, I kept hearing “Get up!” “Hey! Wake up!” I personally just thought it was my hangover, or perhaps the twins, but apparently that guard captains men had caught up with me.

I kept asking myself if it was worth it, being dragged to jail down the peer, then I saw her; a beautiful little Eladrin woman and suddenly inspiration struck rolling over into the water off of the peer, well it was an ingenious idea! the guards were never a match for that idea, the one who tried to jump in the water after me sunk right to the bottom allowing for an easy escape and off to Veltalar for some job for an old friend of mine, I just hoped he wasn’t still angry about that mixup with his daughter, I can’t be expected to know things I’m not told… can I?


holmess123 Raijen_Valor

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