Heroes of the Feywild

Trysdiel's Questions

The Road to Haldseth

Trysdiel Starfeon
The Yuirwood of Aglarond is famous for it’s connection to the Fey realms, and the little village of Haldseth is particularly well known as having frequent contact with the fey creatures of the forest.

That these fey creatures and the human and half-elven populations of Aglarond manage to coexist in relative peace has intrigued you, prompting you to travel to Haldseth for a first eye account of the towns customs and fey interactions.

As you begin to get closer to the village Nim begins acting more and more out of sorts with you. Hissing, yowling, even scratching and biting you at some points.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the village you feel a sort of prickling on your skin that makes you a bit anxious. You are able to deduce that, whatever this magical energy is, Nim must be feeling it as well, causing her behaviour to change, and would like to find out what is behind such an anomaly.


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