Heroes of the Feywild

Gabriel's Vision

The Road to Haldseth

Gabriel Durothil
Your visit to the Lathanderan temple in Veltalar has been pleasant, but the resting hours not so much. Your meditations of late have been disturbed by images of a dark forest; shadowy creatures flit about at the edges of your vision and fill your mind with sinister whispers.

Gradually, through the darkness, an orb of silver appears. You can’t recall the words but the beautiful voice tugged at your heart strings, beseeching you to travel east.

Upon consulting with the High Priest of the temple you decided to embark on a quest to find the answers behind this vision and set out eastward.

Barely a days journey from Veltalar you begin to feel a peculiar sensation. Your skin prickles as if with static, and you begin to feel anxious and easily annoyed by things that previously brought you joy.

Could this be connected to the strange visions? Perhaps answers lie in the village ahead.


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